project Ghelamco Poland x Łukasz Stokowski 

An extraordinary installation has been put on the structure of The Warsaw HUB, a skyscrapers complex being built in the centre of Warsaw. It is a large-format painting by Łukasz Stokowski, a Polish abstractionist. This is the first such art exhibition in Europe.

Sixty-five metres above the ground, on large-format boards installed on the structure of the skyscraper being built in Warsaw’s Wola district, an abstract work of art by reputed artist Łukasz Stokowski has been hung. The installation has been created as a Sky-High Art Gallery as part of HUB Gallery, i.e. the new cultural initiative by the developer Ghelamco Poland. As the building rises to reach its ultimate height of 130, the painting will go up, becoming visible from long distances and different parts of the city. It is the first such project in Europe.

Art inspired by the city

The scale of the spectacular installation, which covers almost 1800 sq m, symbolizes the expanding and vibrant city fabric. Lights, neons and building shapes can be noticed in it. Stokowski purposefully deforms and blurs the big-city landscape in his own unique way, calling it “antifigurative aesthetics”.

“From the very beginning, as soon as I make the initial sketch, I try to blur the shapes so as not to present anything figurative. It has become my obsession! The more I blur and deform the shapes familiar to the human eye, the more the canvas is filled with paint stains, forming a picture. The whole process is both complicated and fascinating” 

says Łukasz Stokowski, artist, author of the Sky-High Art Gallery installation on The Warsaw HUB.