by Łukasz Stokowski


Adoration of Steel – „IRON SKY” Lukasz Stokowski. The seventh but also the first in 2017 series of paintings and sculptures of the artist, who is known for his abstract works and large forms. IRON SKY is a collection of 15 works. All together pay a tribute to steel appearing as artistic material.

What makes IRON SKY stand out from the previous series is the expressive usage of metal, a cool tone and calmness. The steel paintings and sculptures, so to speak, ask to be tucked in dusk, only for the light shining on them from concealment to bring out their plasticity and structure. This peculiar game of darkness and light, shadows and midtones, shades of grey, metallic coolness and polished reflections is the leading theme of the exhibition.

Its central point is the IRON SKY installation – 30 square meters of the impressive steel construction hanging over the heads of observers. Polished to a high gloss, bent and bonded together metal sheets give the impression of being a structural cloud hovering triumphantly above the ground despite its weight.

“I put my heart and soul into the IRON SKY preparation. This installation has an unspoken meaning for me. It is definitely my most important work. I do not treat it as an object, but as a step towards my own development. It has been my persistent and long-lasting inner desire to create a large spatial form”.

Apart from two metal sculptures and installations, IRON SKY contains 8 oil-acrylic paintings on canvas and 4 oil paintings on steel. They are dominated by black and grey but mixed with vibrant colors typically used by the artist.

“There has been a lot going on last year and the whole exhibition is for me a summary of that time.” The final completion of works closed a chapter in my life, it has made me calm down and quiet. This inner state is reflected by shades, forms and shapes. Now anything can happen. I will accept it with humility and a smile, because all things that got stuck in my mind and all I wanted to say- I put literally and metaphorically into steel frames”.