by Łukasz Stokowski

Smeg Fab by Łukasz Stokowski

Łukasz Stokowski has become the first Polish artist invited to the cooperation with SMEG brand. 

The premiere of limited edition refrigerators SMEG FAB by Łukasz Stokowski took place on March 31st in Warsaw.

SMEG is known for its unique design and partnership with world brands. So far, limited series of its products have been created in cooperation with such brands as BMW Mini Cooper, Dolce & Gabbana or Swarovski. The project implemented with Stokowski is the first such SMEG initiative in Poland.

„For years I’ve been combining art and design. The SMEG project excites me particularly. I have a chance to change ordinary objects into works of art. I hope one of the refrigerators goes to the museum” – says Stokowski.

Work on the first two of 10 refrigerators lasted several months. It was a time of testing, proper development of technology and durability. The appliances were hand-framed in canvas and painted in colorful style characteristic for the artist. Visible structures and color contrasts gave a spectacular visual effect. In the final stage, the whole was covered with a clear lacquer. Smeg Fab 28 undoubtedly is a design icon – now it has become a work of art.

The film material was made by Coca-Cola Poland for the purpose of the life style portal This is a 3 minute story about the artist and his collaboration with SMEG brand.